碎石 Grinder News: 跋涉 Introduces The 检查站 碎石 Bike

碎石 Grinder News: 跋涉 Introduces The 检查站 碎石 Bike- by 吉他特德

跋涉 has had what could have been the best gravel bike technology for several years wrapped up in a road racing bike called the Domane. The main feature of that bike being the decoupled seat tube, allowing that frame member to react under rider weight and against road irregularities as a leaf spring, of sorts. 跋涉 dubbed this technology “ISO Speed”. Now 跋涉 finally pulls the covers off a not very well kept secret today called the 检查站. This is a new bike aimed at the gravel rider which uses the ISO感光度 decoupling technology in its higher end models. Let’s check it out…..

跋涉’s flagship 检查站 model, the SL6. Image courtesy of 跋涉 Bicycles.

跋涉 didn’t just make a copy of a Domane with wider tire clearances, but instead based the design off the 跋涉 Boone cyclo cross bike, and then made some adjustments to the geometry. Obviously, the right side chain stay is the first visual cue that something is different here. This ubiquitous feature of carbon gravel bikes helps keep the wheel base shorter and still allows for big chain ring and bigger tire clearances. 跋涉 uses their well known seat mast design for all the carbon models as well.

The 跋涉 检查站 SL5 in 眼镜蛇血. Image courtesy of 跋涉 Bicycles

阵容将包括顶级SL6碳纤维和SL5碳纤维自行车,以及一辆’SL5中的s型号可用。 SL5型号将提供两种配色,“Cobra Blood” and “Gravel”, (yes, that’s the color’的名字)。两种碳纤维Checkpoint级别都将配备平坦的盘式制动器,可容纳45毫米轮胎的间隙,隐藏式挡泥板支架和齿条支架。有趣的是,较大的尺寸将能够在下管的主三角形内容纳两个水瓶,其中一个在座管上,一个在下管下,总共可以安装四个水瓶。较小的尺寸只能使用更常见的三个瓶架。 跋涉还在顶管上提供了硬安装,用于顶管,“tank style”框架袋,很像Salsa Cycle’s残酷模型。 SL6的价格为3799.99美元,SL5的价格为2799.99美元。两种价格均为美元。镜框仅售$ 1999.99USD。

关键部件来自Shimano,因此,没有“1X” option is offered. However; you can get a 检查站 frame 上ly option and build the bike anyway you see fit. Carbon frames are also armored under the lower part of the down tube, and underneath the leading edges of both chain stays, to ward off any damage from flying gravel. Another 跋涉 specific feature is their Stranglehold rear drop outs which feature a redundant securing mechanism, but maybe more importantly, a way to single speed the bike in case you shear off or damage the rear derailleur beyond field repair. This is a common occurrence at many gravel events.

The 检查站 ALR5. Image courtesy of 跋涉 Bicycles.

铝制型号还提供两种级别,即ALR5和ALR4,它们仅在规格和颜色方面有所不同。女人’的型号将在ALR5中提供 和ALR4型号以及框架组。 ALR铝制车型不具备ISO速度后分离器,掉落的右侧链条,也没有用于上管袋的硬支架,但是它们具有上述针对碳纤维车型的所有其他功能。提供的ALR5和ALR4将分别有两种颜色。女装’的模型也将具有自己独特的配色。 ALR5型号的价格分别为1999.99美元和ALR4’s是$ 1799.99USD。仅镜框选项的价格为$ 959.00USD

Image courtesy of 跋涉 Bicycles

The geometry is different 上 the 检查站 with 跋涉 using a slightly steeper head angle than many gravel bikes have and a lower bottom bracket than many gravel bikes have. The wheel base is kept in check and stack and reach are said to be nearly identical to the Boone cross bikes.

我们的想法: 跋涉’这项新产品是来自自行车行业顶尖企业的令人兴奋的入门产品。这与专业’s new Diverge bring gravel bikes a legitimacy and wider availability than ever before. But we are a bit dismayed that 跋涉 did not bring its ISO speed to the front end of the carbon models, at least. It is also a bit disappointing that the ISO感光度 rear decoupler was not used 上 the ALR aluminum frames, as they have done 上 the road side of 跋涉’s线。也许这是经过计划的,以便可以将这些模型 “upgraded”未来几年?很难说。

跋涉’选择使用比我们更陡的头角’d like to see doesn’t surprise us. 跋涉 has historically been 上 the steeper side with their cyclo cross bikes so anything coming from that side of their DNA, as 跋涉 says the 检查站 has, will be a steeper bike. That said, we are glad to see a lower than usual bottom bracket employed 上 the 检查站 as that brings a very noticeable stability to the ride in loose terrain like gravel or looser dirt. Especially 上 descents. We were a bit surprised to read that 跋涉 does not recommend using the 检查站 with 650B wheels. Not that this is a really big deal, but some folks will perhaps be turned off by that recommendation. 

Our take is that this is a fantastic first effort by 跋涉 in the gravel category. (We’re not counting the previous Domane 碎石 models, since they were nothing but rebadged Domane Disc models) We are surprised and disappointed that the ISO感光度 technology wasn’t applied more as it has been across 跋涉’的道路排队。但这就是说,我们希望该模型在2018年及以后成为砾石和小路骑行者的一种非常受欢迎的选择。

在以下位置查看有关这些新自行车的更多信息 跋涉’s website here

Note: Information and images used for this post are courtesy of 跋涉 Bicycles.


作者: 吉他特德

吉他特德 hails from Iowa. Home of over 70,000 miles of gravel and back roads. Co-creator of Trans Iowa in late 2004, he has been at the forefront of the growth of gravel events and riding since then. Creator of 碎石 Grinder News in 2008, he produced the premier calendar of gravel and backroad events. GT joined forces with Riding 碎石 in late 2014.


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  1. 跋涉’至少对于我来说,最近才将它从公园中淘汰了。我希望所有制造商都能做到这一点,至少在砾石上是这样。&Bikepacking钻机。即使你’d绝对不要将拨链器设置为当您的拨链器爆裂时足以将其置于我列表的首位的能力。


  2. @Ed Ng-由于铝可以成型为更薄的形状并保留设计人员想要的强度特性,因此Checkpoint的ALR系列具有相同的轮胎间隙。但是,我不能说轮胎间隙是否真正小于碳检查站。’s。我想铝制框架就不那么慷慨了。


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